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Pictures of Old Ruins, Relics, Barns, Autos, Boats, Windows, Doors, Decay, Rusty, Neglected

Rural Decay........Photography of anything that has been abandoned or forgotten over the years. Imagination and artistic license employed. Old is beautiful !
Machrie Moor Moss Farm Artwork Arran ScotlandOrkney, The Isle of Hoy, Abandoned Auto. Scotland.Yesnaby Ruin Textured and Toned Orkney ScotlandRackwick Scene on Hoy Orkney Isles ScotlandRackwick Ward Hill and Ruin Hoy Orkney ScotlandAbandoned Boats. Salen. Isle of Mull. Inner Hebrides. Scotland.Derelict Tin Cottage. Wester Ross. Scotland.Oldshore Beg. Old Byre. Toned.  Sutherland. Scotland.Melvaig. Abandoned Cottage. Toned. Wester Ross. Scotland.Bodie Ghost Town Swazey Hotel California USA.Montana, Nevada City Ghost Town.Abandoned Automobile Bodie Ghost Town California USA.Altnaharra Tin House. Scotland. Digital Art.Coillegillie and the Isle of Skye, Applecross Peninsula. North West ScotlandCoillegillie Ruins. Applecross Peninsula. Wester Ross. Scottish Highlands. Biotone.Golden Road. Tractor and Cottage. Artworked. Isle of Harris. Scotland.Golden Road. A Cottage Window. Isle of Harris. Scotland. Eilean Siar.Isle of Scalpay. Gaelic Bible in Window. Eilean Siar. Scotland.Isle of Scalpay. Cottage in Charcoal. Eilean Siar. Scotland.Isle of Scalpay. Boat Wreck. Eilean Siar. Scotland.