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Scenic Landscape Photography Scotland. Coigach, North West Geopark.

Coigach is a very remote, sparsely populated and wild area of Scotland. Visit the North West Geopark, see the mountains of Inverpolly. Visit Altandhu, Achiltibuie, and Polbain, with tremendous views of the Summer Isles; Achnahaird with a beach of pure silver sands; Reiff with a very rugged coastline ; Stac Pollaidh, a tiny mountain that looks like it originated in Arizona...a Butte.
A desolate but hauntingly beautiful area. A place to relax and leave the rest of the world behind. A must do for any photographer. The weather here can be a challenge !

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Ben Mor Coigach. From Polbain. Rainbow. Scotland.Polbain Sunrise. Coigach.  North West Geopark. Scotland.Coigach Rainbow. Across Tanera Mor, Summer Isles. Scotland.Coigach Sunset from Polbain. North West Scotland.Coigach. Rainbow over Tanera Mor. Scotland.Garvie Bay and Suilven, Sea Thrift. Coigach.Scotland.Garvie Bay Colours. Coigach. North West Scotland.Horse Island and Acheninver Beach. Summer Sunset. Coigach.  Scotland.Loch Oscaig Gloaming. Long Exposure. Coigach. Scotland.Loch Oscaig. Wind and Rain. Coigach. NW Geopark. Scotland.Quinag. Coigach Sunrise. North West Geopark. Scotland.Stac Pollaidh Rainbow. Dubh Lochan. Coigach. Scotland.Dubh Lochan and Stac Pollaidh. Coigach. Scotland.Dubh Lochan at Sunset. Coigach. Scotland.Stac Pollaidh. Dubh Lochan Sunrise. Coigach. Scotland.Coigach Loch A'Chaoruinn ScotlandCoigach Sunrise Loch A' Chaoruinn Scotland.Coigach Sunset Cloud Loch A' Chaoruinn Scotland.Coigach Sunrise, Loch A' Chaoruinn. Scotland.Dubh Lochan. Coigach. North West Geopark. Highlands of Scotland.