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Landscape Photography Scotland, Lochalsh area.

Pictures of Plockton and the surrounding villages, such as Drumbuie and Duirinish, with their well tended and beautiful Crofting Fields. Plockton is a wonderful coastline village set in an idyllic situation on Loch Carron, with amazing views all around. Very popular with tourists and honeymooners.

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Applecross Hills from Duirinish Lochalsh, Scotland.Drumbuie and Applecross in Autumn ScotlandDrumbuie Autumn Scene. Applecross Hills. Lochalsh. Scotland.Drumbuie in Autumn.  Evening Light. Lochalsh. Scotland.Drumbuie Village. Late Summer. Applecross Hills. Lochalsh. Scotland.Duirinish Crofting Fields and Applecross Hills in Autumn.  Lochalsh. Scotland.Duirinish Crofting Fields. Abandoned Farm Machinery . Lochalsh. Scotland.Duirinish Crofting Fields. Abandoned Machinery . MONO. Lochalsh. Scotland.Duirinish Crofting Fields. Applecross Hills. Skye and Lochalsh. Scotland.Duirinish Crofting Fields. Autumn Scene. Lochalsh. Scotland.Duncraig. Applecross Hills. Winter Light. Skye and Lochalsh. Scotland.Highland Lochan, Autumn Colours, Scotland.Lochan Achaidh na h-Inich. Lochalsh. Scotland.Plockton and Loch Carron, Sunny Day, ScotlandPlockton in Spring. Lochalsh. Scotland.Plockton Reflection Loch Carron Scottish HighlandsPlockton,  Applecross Hills and Loch Carron Scotland.Waterfall Duirinish Burn Scotland.Woodland Waterfall Duirinish Burn Scotland