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Scenic Photography of The Isle of Islay, Southern Hebrides.
A small collection of Scenic Landscapes of the Isle of Islay, the Southern Hebrides, Scottish Highlands and Islands. Many of the images were taken in the extraordinary Summer of 2021 which saw unprecedented warmth and dryness here in the Scottish Highlands...with lack of midges. No complaints ! The following Summer of 2022 was however the opposite....wet, windy and cool !

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Kildalton Church and Celtic Cross Islay ScotlandKildalton Church Ruin Islay ScotlandKintra Beach The Big Strand Islay ScotlandKintra Beach Patterns Big Strand,  Islay ScotlandRainbow over Kintra Beach, Islay Scotland.Kintra Beach Golden Light Islay Scotland.Kintra Beach Sunset Islay Scotland.Kintra Beach, Sunset Clouds Islay Scotland.Kintra Beach Sunset Reflections Islay Scotland.Kintra Beach  Sunset Islay Scotland.Lagavulin Distillery Summer Flowers Islay ScotlandLagavulin Distillery Summer Meadow Islay ScotlandLoch Gruinart Fields  Isle of Islay ScotlandLoch Gruinart Fields Summer Islay ScotlandLoch Gruinart in Summer Isle of Islay ScotlandLoch Gruinart in Summer Old Ruin Islay ScotlandLoch Gruinart Machair Flowers Islay ScotlandLoch Gruinart Machair Islay ScotlandLoch Gruinart Oyster Farm Islay ScotlandLoch Gruinart Summer Skies Islay Scotland