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Scenic Landscapes of Loch Leven, Lochaber, Scottish Highlands.

A lovely area often missed by those rushing through nearby Glen Coe. Especially beautiful in Autumn, with mixed woodland surrounding the Loch. Great views across the water of the Pap of Glencoe, and the Grey Mares Waterfall at Kinlochleven is well worth a short walk. Kinlochleven is a charming village catering for all needs.

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Grey Mares Waterfall in Spate, Lochaber Scotland.Grey Mares Waterfall Lochaber ScotlandLoch Leven Misty Reflections Scottish Highlands.Loch Leven Autumn Colours Lochaber ScotlandLoch Leven Reflections. Glencoe. Western Highlands. Scotland.Loch Leven. Glimmer of Light in Autumn. Lochaber. Scotland.Loch Leven, Pap of Glencoe Lochaber Scotland.Loch Leven and Pap of Glencoe ScotlandLoch Leven  Pap of Glencoe, Last Light., Scotland.