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The Road to The Isles....travels through Glen Garry and Glen Shiel with many scenic delights along the way..... Mountains, Forests, Lochs and Rivers to name but a few. A remote area where few people live.
Allt Na Calliche Waterfall. Glen Garry. North West Highlands. Scotland.Glen Garry Misty Scene. Highlands of Scotland.Glen Garry Sunbeams, Autumn. Loch Quoich. North West Highlands. Scotland.Glen Garry Sunbeams. Sgurr na Ciche. Loch Quoich. North West Highlands. Scotland.Glen Garry Sunbeams. West Highlands of Scotland.Glen Garry Sunset. North West Scottish Highlands.Glen Garry Sunset. Scottish Highlands.Glen Garry. Loch Garry Misty Morning Reflections. Lochaber. North West Highlands.Scotland.Glen Garry. Loch Garry reflections and mist. Lochaber. North West Highlands. Scotland.Glen Garry. Loch Loyne Autumn Mists. Invergarry. West Highlands Scotland.Glen Shiel . Lone Rowan Tree East. North West Highlands. Scotland.Glen Shiel . Lone Rowan Tree West. Scottish Highlands.Glen Shiel . Lone Rowan Tree. North West Highlands. Scotland.Highland Cattle. Kinloch Hourn, Glen Garry. Highland Scotland.Loch Garry Forest. Sunbeams and Autumn Mists. Scottish Highlands.Loch Garry in Autumn. Reflections and Mist. Lochaber. Highland Scotland.Loch Garry Misty Morning. Late Summer. Lochaber. North West Highlands. Scotland.Loch Garry Reflections in Autumn. North West Highlands of Scotland.Loch Garry. Autumn Mists and Sunbeams. Glen Garry. Lochaber. Highland Scotland.Loch Garry. Autumn Mists. Glen Garry. Lochaber. Highland Scotland.

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