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Scenic Landscape Photography Coigach, Scotland.....Badentarbet is another place in Coigach that has wonderful views of the Summer Isles, Achiltibuie,Ben Mor Coigach, the Hills of Wester Ross and beyond. A lovely stretch of Common Ground is an ideal spot for a picnic, or to launch a kayak. Badenscallie lies beyond Achiltibuie and Polglass, closer into the hills.
View from Badenscallie in Summer. Coigach. North West Scotland.Badenscallie Rowan Tree and Mountain. Coigach,    North West Scotland.Badenscallie Rowan Tree, and Beinn nan Caorach. Coigach. North West Scotland.                          #Badenscallie, a stormy sunset, North WestHighlands. Scotland.Badentarbet Beach in Winter. Towards Achiltibuie. Coigach. North West Highlands. Scotland.Badentarbet Boxing Day 2013. Coigach. North West Scotland.Badentarbet scene Boxing Day. Coigach. North West Scotland.Badentarbet shoreline Boxing Day 2013. Coigach. North West Scotland.Badentarbet shoreline rocks. View to Wester Ross. Long Exposure. Coigach. North West Geopark. Scotland.Badentarbet, a view of Tanera Mor. Coigach. North West Highlands. Scotland.Badentarbet. A Sunset, Tanera Mor. Coigach. North West Highlands of Scotland.Badentarbet. Winter light. Coigach. North West Scotland.

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