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Scenic Landscape Photography Coigach, Scotland. The Summer Isles.

.....The Summer Isles are scattered like Jewels in the Ocean....the scene from the viewpoint above Altandhu will take your breath away. Tanera Mor is the largest island, and in Summer you can take a boat trip for a closer encounter.

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Altandhu  Cloudscape Summer Isles Coigach Scotland.Altandhu  evening light Coigach Scotland.Altandhu Coigach  Summer Isles Sunset Scotland.Altandhu Sunset Coigach Scotland.Altandhu View Summer Isles  Scotland.Altandhu View Summer Isles Coigach Scotland.An Teallach across Tanera Mor from Coigach Scotland.An Teallach across Tanera Mor, Summer Isles, Scotland.An Teallach and Tanera Mor at Sunset ScotlandBadentarbet  Tanera Mor Sunset Coigach  Scotland.Badentarbet  Tanera Mor View Coigach Scotland.Fisherfield Hills from Polbain Coigach Scotland.Foxes Point and Outer Isles Sunset Scotland.Foxes Point and Summer Isles Evening Light Scotland.Foxes Point Sunset Coigach Scotland.Hill of the Fairies, view of Summer Isles  Scotland.Misty Morning Light across Tanera Mor Scotland.Rainbow at Sunset from Coigach, Scotland.Summer Isles and Fisherfield Sunset Coigach ScotlandSummer Isles at Sunset Coigach Scotland.