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Scenic Landscape Photography Assynt~ Knockan~ Elphin.

Pictures of scenic views in the area of Knockan Rock, which has an excellent trail with amazing views, to explain the geology of the North West Geopark. Also images around and from Elphin, a small crofting township.

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Ben Mor Coigach and Loch Dhonnachaidh Scotland.Ben Mor Coigach Loch Dhonnachaidh  NW Geopark Scotland.Ben Mor Coigach Autumn NW Geopark Scotland.Ben Mor Coigach and Sgurr an Fhidleir  in Autumn ScotlandBen Mor Coigach Sgurr an Fhidleir   Scotland.Ben Mor Coigach Sunbeams NW Geopark Scotland.Cul Mor Snowstorm Elphin Assynt  Scotland.Cul Mor Morning Mist in Autumn Assynt ScotlandCul Mor Autumn Mists NW Geopark ScotlandCul Mor Autumn Mist Elphin NW Geopark ScotlandKnockan Rock  Lochan an Aise  NW Geopark Scotland.Knockan Rock Misty Mountains NW Geopark Scotland.Stac Pollaidh and Cul Beag Knockan Rock Scotland.Stac Pollaidh and Cul Beag Knockan Rock Winter  Scotland.Stac Pollaidh Autumn Mist Knockan Rock Assynt ScotlandStac Pollaidh from Knockan Rock NW Geopark Scotland.Stac Pollaidh Sunshine and Shadow Knockan Rock Scotland.Suilven from Elphin Sun and Shadow ScotlandSuilven and Elphin Bothy in Winter ScotlandSuilven and Cul Mor from Elphin Assynt Scotland.