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A gallery of Scenic Landscape and Coastal images created using Long Exposures.

I use B+W Circular Filters, such as the Ten Stop ( 110 ) Neutral Density, for very long exposures. Plus, the Six Stop ( 106 ) B+W Neutral Density, which does give quite a strong colour cast, easily corrected in Adobe Camera Raw .... or a Polarising Filter ( B+W), which can be used as a two stop ND Filter , plus of course, the Square Graduated Neutral Density Filter, mostly the 0.9 ( 3 stops ). Which filter I use will, of course, depend upon the light, time of day, and my vision of what I want the end product to look like. Experimentation is the name of the game...!
Naturally, a sturdy tripod is required when making Long Exposure images.
Camus Malag in November. Kilbride. Torrin. Isle of Skye. Scotland.Elgol. Smoke on the Water. Loch Scavaig. Isle of Skye. Scotland.Elgol in moody weather. Loch Scavaig. Isle of Skye. Scotland.A Sunset over Loch na Keal . Long Exposure. HDR. Isle of Mull. Scotland.Camus Malag. Long Exposure. Torrin. Isle of Skye. Scotland.Camus Malag and Blaven in January. Long Exposure. Isle of Skye. Scotland.Elgol Sunset, and Cuillins in November. Loch Scavaig. Isle of Skye. Scotland.Ben Tianavaig Sunset LE. Braes. Isle of Skye. Scotland.Ben Tianavaig LE. Braes. Isle of Skye. Scotland.Ben Tianavaig stormy light. LE. Braes. Isle of Skye. Scotland.Elgol Sunset in November. Loch Scavaig.Isle of Skye. Scotland.Lochan Cill Chriosd at Sunset. Long Exposure. Isle of Skye. Scotland.Elgol, Sunset in January Long Exposure #2. Isle of Skye. Scotland.Neist Point in late Spring. Isle of Skye. Scotland.A view of Yesnaby Castle #2. West Mainland Orkney. Scotland.Ring of Brodgar Sunset. LE#2. Stenness. West Mainland. Orkney. Scotland.Island of Hoy, Sunset . From Warebeth. West Mainland. Orkney.Island of Hoy Sunset. Long Exposure. Warebeth. West Mainland Orkney.Yesnaby Castle. Summer sunlight. LE. Mainland Orkney. Scotland.Ashaig, Post Sunset in March. Isle of Skye. Scotland.

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